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APT Galv Range

APT Galv product builds on the extensive groundwork of our APT Painted range and takes it to new heights with improved corrosion resistance. Utilising a pre-galvanised source material eliminates any inconsistencies in applied coating and offers a superior level of protection against the natural elements.

Why APT Galv

Excellent Corrosion Protection

By utilising a 120 g/square meter Surface Coating Mass on both surfaces of the material, APT-Galv tubular products come standard with excellent corrosion protection against white and red rust when compared to normal hot-dip galvanising processes.


Superior Adhesion

Superior paint and powder coat adhesion the visual appeal and combined corrosion protection (subject to adherence to the finished paint manufacturer instructions). By agreement at the time of order the product could be supplied without clear coat outside layer to meet specific requirements.


Australian Standards

APT Galv products comply with AS/NZS1163:2016 up to Grade C450L0, while displaying the same industry-high Elongation %(24-30%) as our APT-Painted range of products.

Australian Pipe & Tube


APT is a privately owned Australian company, specialising in the local manufacture of world-class tubular steel.


Material Handling, Automotive, Racking Systems, Motor Bodies, Signage & Trailers


High Rise Construction, Infrastructure, Gantrys, Form Work, Trusses & Stairs


Growers, Stock Yards, Farming Equipment, Gates, Cattle Crushes, Fencing